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I 100% Guarantee my Guide will provide a clear approach to support you with increasing your assertiveness, or I will refund your $4.90 with no questions asked. How's that for fair? Just send me an email in the next 30 days.
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Here Is What You Are Getting:
  • The Mindset ‘Reset’: addressing common misconceptions related to the assertive communication style (Page 4).
  • ​Quantifying the benefits: How practicing assertiveness stands to positively impact ALL aspects of your life (Page 6).
  • ​Three golden rules for communication: simple tweaks to increase clarity and impact with your personal and professional conversations (Page 8).
  • ​Five steps to practicing assertiveness: how to frame an assertive statement in a way which increases the liklihood that people will be open and willing to consider what you have to say  (page 12).
  • ​​Reinforcing boundaries and standing your ground in cases where repeated requests have been ignored and/or immediate action is required (page 18).
  • ​Saying ‘NO’ - Learn three approaches for respectfully declining requests (Page 22).
  • ​Deciding when and with whom to be assertive and outlining the situations where a different approach may be preferable (page 24).
  • Harnessing the opportunity and quantifying what it is costing you by NOT being assertive (page 25).
  • Taking the leap and embracing change one manageable step at a time (page 26).
  • Your assertiveness game plan: translating best intentions into action (Page 27).


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